Bruidhinn rium – Talk to me

Safe Spaces Initiative by Fèisean nan Gàidheal

Bruidhinn rium – Talk to me is a new initiative by Fèisean nan Gàidheal which will ensure that there is a named person (or persons) at every Fèis and Fèis event who is available to speak to the young people to make sure that they are feeling happy and comfortable at all times.

Every Fèis will be supplied with Bruidhinn Rium – Talk to me badges and posters.  They should decide on a link person (or persons) for each event. The link person could be the Safeguarding (formerly Child Protection) Officer or somebody else on the committee with a good understanding of Fèisean nan Gàidheal’s safeguarding and other policies.

Each Fèis will receive a copy of our new Safe Spaces Policy and we hope that everyone who is involved with running Fèis events will take the opportunity to familiarise themselves with it. 

At the beginning of each Fèis event, the committee should let everyone involved (children and adults) know who the link person(s) is/are for the day. The link person(s) should wear their Bruidhinn rium – Talk to me badge for the duration of the event so that it is clear to everyone who they can speak to.

A copy of the Bruidhinn rium – Talk to me poster should be displayed in each room that is being used by the Fèis so that everyone knows who they should speak to if they are worried about a friend, see something unusual or if they are feeling uncomfortable at any time.

We hope that this initiative will strengthen the work that the Fèisean already do to ensure all of their events are safe, comfortable and friendly.

If anyone requires further information, or guidance, please get in touch with your Fèis Development Officer.

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