Gaelic for All

Each Fèis is encouraged to give its participants the opportunity to learn and use Gaelic in a fun and enjoyable way using a selection of interactive activities and games.

Through these games and activities, Fèis participants unfamiliar with the Gaelic language and intermediate learners are taught a range of useful Gaelic words and phrases.  Fluent Gaelic speakers are also catered for with games and activities, which aim to build their confidence in the language and  encourage conversational Gaelic with their peers.

A Fèis will usually allocate around 30 minutes per day for each Gaelic session, enough time to provide at least two to three activities.  Follow on sessions during the week can incorporate games and activities to revise and consolidate the vocabulary taught.

Partipants are organised beforehand by the Fèis committee into manageable class sizes according to age and Gaelic language ability.  Gaelic language ability should be specified in the Fèis registration forms.

Group leaders chosen by the Fèis are usually made up of  tutors fluent in Gaelic or intermediate learners who are willing to deliver a session in addition to their responisibilities as tutors.  For learner groups, the activities and games are delivered in English and the pronunciation of the words and phrases in the activity packs shouldn’t be a challenge to intermediate learners.  The numbers of leaders and the kinds of activities used will vary depending on the numbers of participants and the teaching spaces available at the venue used by the Fèis.  For larger groups two leaders may be required.

Where a Fèis has a mix of Gaelic and non Gaelic participants provision should be made so that leaders fluent in Gaelic to are free to lead the fluent groups.  Tutors interested in leading a group are encouraged to shadow more experienced leaders during the week.

A selection of suitable games and activities and the vocabulary used in each can be provided before the beginning of the Fèis to give group leaders time to familarise themselves with the activities, vocabulary and ask for assistance in pronunciation if required.

Cothroman trèanaidh | Training Opportunities
Fèisean nan Gàidheal can provide training sessions for Fèis committee members and tutors interested in delivering the Team G activities.  If your Fèis committee would benefit from a training session or if you’re a tutor and would to participate in a training session please register your interest by contacting Senior Development Officer Nicola Simpson at the Fèisean nan Gàidheal office in Inverness by e-mail at or by phoning 01463 225 559.

Here’s an example of how Gaelic has been delivered at Fèis Lochabair:

A look at Gaelic for All at Fèis Lochabair

Gaelic has been part of the Fèis Lochabair’s week-long Fèis since the scheme started, and in 2011 and 2012 a member of Fèisean nan Gàidheal staff was involved in the delivery of Team Gaelic classes at the Fèis.

Gaelic at Fèis Lochabair are generally around 35 minutes long, and participants are usually divided into groups according to language level and age, meaning that there will be 6 or 7 groups; older and younger beginners, older and younger intermediates, and older and younger fluent speakers. Different activities are provided for the differing levels.

Although a member of Fèisean nan Gàidheal staff was in charge of organising the classes, all other tutors were also involved in their implementation. Fluent tutors oversaw the classes, while other tutors helped out as assistants.

Each day provided new activities for the children, and on the final day everyone was involved in a quiz which allowed tutors to tell whether or not the participants had been paying attention!

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