#cleachdiaigantaigh with Fèisean nan Gàidheal

Welcome to Fèisean nan Gàidheal’s #cleachdiaigantaigh resource. Below is a list of all of the activities and events you can take part in and use, along with their suggested age groups. Click on the links to view the content and sign up for our events.

We are always adding new content and events to #cleachdiaigantaigh so be sure to check in regularly!

Early Years Ages 3-8

Hùb Hàb  2022: Ri Fuine is Fealla Dhà

Hùb Hàb 2021: Cuairt Bheag

Òrain Hùb Hàb

A new early years song resource from the Fèisgoil cupboard.


Live song game sessions from our Blasad Gàidhlig resource.

Primary School Pupils

Fèis Air Loidhne

Free music classes through the medium of Gaelic. *Classes are currently full but keep an eye out for more opportunities coming soon!

Teenagers and Young People

Cafe Bheairteis

An opportunity to speak to young Gaelic speakers around the world.

Fèis nan Deugairean Air Loidhne

More opportunities for teenagers coming soon!


Tac an Teine Air Loidhne

An Online Gaelic Medium singing session.


Our new learning resource, Oide, is online now!

Past events

Here is a list of events that have finished already. Keep an eye out as they may be back in the future.

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