Cultural and Historical Projects

Working with Comunn na Gàidhlig as part of their annual Seachdain Dhùn Èideann (Edinburgh Week) project, Fèisean nan Gàidheal has researched and produced a Gaelic-medium tour of Edinburgh Castle for primary-aged children.

We have combined a relevant educational experience with a teaching style which brings the history of the Castle to life in a fun and attractive way, with particular focus on the Gaelic aspects of the site’s history.

Children are taken throughout the Castle site, with many of it’s most important, interesting and fun aspects being explained and illuminated.

A support/work pack is provided for pupils’ use while they are going round the Castle.

This tour aims specifically at P4-7, but other ages have also been included.

Although the tour is primarily a Gaelic-medium tour, it is also available from us in English with a particular Gaelic slant.

Curriculum for Excellence Outcomes

  • develop their understanding of the history, heritage and culture of Scotland, and an appreciation of their local and national heritage within the world
  • broaden their understanding of the world by learning about human activities and achievements in the past and present
  • explore and evaluate different types of sources and evidence
  • learn how to locate, explore and link periods, people and events in time and place
  • learn how to locate, explore and link features and places locally and further afield
  • establish firm foundations for lifelong learning and for further specialised study and careers.
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