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Hùb Hàb

The Hùb Hàb early years years theatre-in-education project is delivered through Fèisean nan Gàidheal’s Fèisgoil service and made possible by funding received from Bòrd na Gàidhlig and Creative Scotland.  Hùb Hàb productions are aimed at the 3-5 year age group but are also suitable for young primary school children.  For more information about Hùb Hàb or any of Fèisean nan Gàidheal’s other drama projects contact Angus Macleod on 01463 225 559 or angus@feisean.org

Hùb and Hàb in the News:

Hùb Hàb 2019: Rannan an Rathaid Mhòir
Rannan an Rathaid Mhòir’ (Hùb Hàb: Road Rhymes), a Gaelic language play about road safety, initially toured the central belt, Perthshire and Argyll in Marhc and in May toured Tiree, Mull and the Western Isles.  In September they visited Gaelic medium primary school and nurseries throughout the Highland Council region and Gilcomstoun Primary in Aberdeen.

Hùb Hàb 2018: Seirm na Sìde
In 2018 Hùb and Hàb learnt about the weather in the play Seirm na Sìde which toured the central belt, Perthshire and Argyll in April.  A second tour of the play took place in the Highlands between the 3rd and 14th of September 2018 as part of the Blas music festival.


Hùb Hàb: Cumaidhean Ceòlmhòr (Hùb Hàb: Musical Shapes) toured in 2017 and Hùb Hàb air Ghleus’ (Hùb Hàb in Tune) toured the country in 2016.

Hùb Hàb 2017: Cumaidhean Ceòlmhor

Hùb Hàb air Ghleus

Curriculum for Excellence Outcomes

  • I have experienced the energy and excitement of being part of an audience for other people’s performances
  • My learning in, through and about the expressive arts is enhanced and enriched through partnerships with professional arts companies, creative adults and cultural organisations

Experiences and outcomes

I develop and extend my literacy skills when:

  • I have opportunities to developing an understanding of what is special, vibrant and valuable about what is, for the majority of Highland pupils, their own culture and their language
  • Extend and enrich my vocabulary through listening, talking, watching and reading.
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