Inyal – music video

Tasgadh Grant Awarded£1000
Total Project Cost£1925
Tasgadh contribution as % of total52%
No. of beneficiaries26,000+

Project Update:

Inyal are an innovative group who utilise traditional instrumentation, live electronic sequences and a
powerful rhythm section to form original compositions.

They sought support from Tasgadh for the production of a broadcast quality music video of the Barra
waulking song “Chi Mi, Chi Mi Fada Bhuam”. By showcasing their arrangement of the song through the
video they were seeking to bring the song to a large audience and, using online distribution, a younger
audience than traditional platforms would offer.

Brief Resume:

The video was produced and offered the band a platform to showcase their most recent and most
developed work to a bigger audience than had previously been available to them.

Creatively speaking they feel the video is visually striking, making use of unorthodox and eye-catching
film-making techniques.


The video was viewed 26,000 times within the first two weeks of its release with hundreds of people
engaging more actively and distributing it to their own networks. It total the video reached 40,000
people within that time.

The video represents a high quality and inherently Scottish piece of work which is now available online
indefinitely for people to engage with. Not only will this help promote Gaelic culture and music to new
audiences, but it will significantly bolster the audience of the band and help them develop

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