Climbing the Green Pastures – Days gone by – To the tune – Clachan Glinn Da Ruadhail

19 February 2024

A song Murchadh MacIlleMhoire (Murchadh a' Bhocs) by researched and sung by Iris MacLeod


Can you hear me now, my girl
Although we are far apart
Love for you is imbuing my senses with music
And stirring up my heartstrings.

The sun when it shines early
From the high courts of heaven
Her golden-yellow shiny beams
Casting elegance on Easclaid enclosure.

The covering of the slopes is beautiful
With their May time colours
I was fond at that time of
Summer mornings around Glen Easclaid.

Do you recall when we were cheerfully
Herding stock together
And how often I sang a love song to you
Climbing the pastures of Easclaid?

How I chose the Song

I chose two songs from the book "Fear Siubhal nan Gleann", Thugainn a Rùin and Direadh Cluinteaan Easclaid. These two songs are about the place where Murdo grew up, and his memories of how beautiful the Isle of Lewis was.

The Author

Murdo Morrison (Murdo of the box) was born in Mullach an Toll, Upper Shader, in the Isle of Lewis, in 1884. He moved to Stornoway in 1903 to work as a baker for three years, before moving to Glasgow in 1906. Finally, he emigrated to America in 1911. He sailed to America and made a home for himself in Niagara Falls, New York, where he lived for the rest of his life. He wrote many songs about the island where he was born, most of which he write while living in Glasgow. These songs were compiled in the book, "Fear Siubhal nan Gleann", which was published in 1923.

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