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15 June 2016

Composed by: unknown*
Researched & performed by: Morvyn Menzies

This is a Glen Lyon version of the famous song which I found in The Killin Collection of Gaelic Song by Charles Stewart.

The song describes how a young Campbell girl betrothed to the Baron of Dall elopes with Gregor MacGregor of Glenstrae.

With thanks to Tony Dilworth for his help and guidance.


Early on the Sunday morning
I was joyous with my love;
But before midday had come
I was suffering great pain.

Ochain, ochain, ochain uiridh,
My heart aches, my darling;
Ochain, ochain, ochain uiridh,
Your father can’t hear our keening!

If there had been twelve of his clansmen,
And my Gregor at their head,
My eyes wouldn’t be shedding tears,
And my baby would not be without his kin.


A shame my father wasn’t stricken by disease,
And Colin with a plague,
Even if the daughter of Ruthven
Would wring her very hands.


It’s a shame Finlarig wasn’t ablaze,
And great Balloch in ashes,
And fair Gregor of the white palms,
Would then be in my arms.


And even if there was snow and blizzards,
And a day with all the seasons,
Gregor would find a hollow for me,
In which we would sleep cosily.

Ba hu, ba hu, my little dear,
You’re still a tender child:
I fear that the day will never come
When you avenge your father.

* Probably Marion Campbell:

“…the most likely author of the verses was Marion Campbell (Mór nighean Dhonnchaidh), daughter of Duncan Campbell of Glenlyon (Donnchadh Ruadh na Féile), who was widowed by those events.”

(Blankenhorn, 2014, p. 6)

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