Ho Rò Tha Mi Sunndach – en

Western Isles

15 June 2016

Composed by: Calum Boyd (Cal Curstag Chaluim Bhoidhd from Ledaig, Barra)
Researched & performed by: John James Galbraith

Written by Calum Boyd of Ledaig which is near Castlebay. The Swedes would sail into Castlebay and on board they would usually have a couple of rowing boats which they would try and sell, one of which Calum bought and he tells us of his delight at his purchase. I learnt this song from Margaret MacNeil from Eoligarry.


Ho rò I am happy as I raise my sails to her,
My little beloved boat who was beautiful;
A splendid little boat I got from the Swedes,
And I’d always be going for a sail in her.

It was in Port na h-Àirde I saw the boat,
She had two good oars and a sail;
And I thought if I could get her
That I would spend all night sailing her.


I left Wednesday afternoon to get her,
There was a westerly breeze and mist;
I was so proud on board the Dutch boat,
Arranging my sails on the dinghy.


I went fishing one day, and boy it was wild,
I went down past Muldoanich;
Beautiful fish and we caught all we wished for,
Filling her to the gunnels with every kind.


When I grow tired of her I will take her on land,
And I will clean and scrub the dinghy;
I’ll paint her blue so that she will look bonny
And if I get six for her I’ll be happy.


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