Oh, Let’s go my Dear To the tune – Thrush Grove

19 February 2024

A song Murchadh MacIlleMhoire (Murchadh a' Bhocs) by researched and sung by Iris MacLeod


Oh, let’s go my darling as I intend to cross over
To see each face, and eye that we’re fond of
With compass knowledge the seaman will steer
And his eye on the shores of Lewis.

Whilst still on the journey my desire is to cross over
To the land of the cold hills that look out to sea
My love for my people and no malice for others
Brings me to Mullach an Tòil every time.

Sweet will be the sound as our ears listen
Hearing the distant sea’s joyful sound
The sighing of the waves will stir our spirits
As it strikes the coasts of Lewis.

The sea of the West Side’s rapid current
Ebbs and flows eternally on each shore
And at the cliffs of Aird with breaking waves as their fringe
Where we were once so familiar.

Our loved ones are scattered everywhere
Those who’d be with us in Aird and the high moors
As we were happy each day on the glen slopes
With nothing on earth bothering us.

Don’t we love each place that we knew from our youth
The welcoming plains with their covering of bog cotton
And the birds with their songs early in the morning
On the beautiful Glen Hòrdail enclosure.

When we see the village on the horizon from the bay
With the high turrets that are on the harbour sides
We caught the (smell of) salty, high winds of the mountains
We will catch across the sea the high mountain winds?
Bringing health from the moors of Lewis.

How I chose the Song

I chose two songs from the book "Fear Siubhal nan Gleann", Thugainn a Rùin and Direadh Cluinteaan Easclaid. These two songs are about the place where Murdo grew up, and his memories of how beautiful the Isle of Lewis was.

The Author

Murdo Morrison (Murdo of the box) was born in Mullach an Toll, Upper Shader, in the Isle of Lewis, in 1884. He moved to Stornoway in 1903 to work as a baker for three years, before moving to Glasgow in 1906. Finally, he emigrated to America in 1911. He sailed to America and made a home for himself in Niagara Falls, New York, where he lived for the rest of his life. He wrote many songs about the island where he was born, most of which he write while living in Glasgow. These songs were compiled in the book, "Fear Siubhal nan Gleann", which was published in 1923.

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