Òran Bhàgh a’ Chàise – en

Na h-Eileanan Siar

15 June 2016

Composed by: Angus Morrison (Aonghas Uilleim Aonghais)
Researched & performed by: Ellen MacDonald

Composed by Angus Morrison, Aonghas Uilleim Aonghais, who came from Scalpay to Bàgh a’ Chàise as many other families did at the time. I got this song from my great uncle Rods MacLennan – Ruairidh Dhòmhnaill Dhòmhnaill.


I’m downhearted and my thoughts are pained,
As I sail down the Clyde out to sea early on Monday,
Turning my back on the place where I’d liked to have stayed,
Uist of the high mountains which I loved since I was young

When I came there as a youngster carefree and untroubled,
Hunting the birds in the inlet of Bàgh a’ Chàise;
That’s what made me to sail in the high-masted great ships,
And it’s striving with the sea that leaves me unsettled just now.

It was my hour at the wheel and the pilot was on board,
Often he would shout to me to keep the ship steady;
But my mind would wander elsewhere to where I grew up
To North Uist, the green isle of the cattle.

The young girls of most beautiful appearance
Would sing songs around the table of the waulking hurdle;
I won’t see them again as I used to at one time,
The Lowland fashions have come north.

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