Kae Sakurai

Tasgadh Grant Awarded£800
Total Project Cost£1375
Tasgadh contribution as % of total58%
No. of beneficiaries47

Project Update:

This project involved master workshops led by Nic Gareiss, the idea being to bring together fingers and
feet to create the sight and sound of modern step dance brought up to date by master percussive
dancer Nic Gareiss, Scottish Musician Janet Lees and Tokyo-born new Scot Kae Sakurai exploring the
crossover and interplay between musician and dancer.

They would create dance solo pieces with would be added on to existing pieces which would result in
an expanded repertoire.

Nic would mentor and coach Kae to create a new piece of choreography.

Brief Resume:

Nic and Kae held a five day Dance Base Residency in April 2017. They had productive master
workshops during the residence and shared new choreographic ideas. As a result Nic created a solo
piece and Kae has created a piece for four dancers called “Rhythm Cannon”. Nic also mentored and
advised on Kae’s existing choreographic piece including honing fine details.

In addition they invited four dancers to workshop Kae’s new piece and provided a 90 minute company
class. There was a performance “showing” at the end of the residence.


The Workshops were a great success and new pieces were created. Kae hopes to launch a new dance
company “Sound of Dance” and these workshops will have encouraged her to make the first steps.

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